Marching Band Commitment


The commitment fee of $50 reserves the participation in the marching band and is non-refundable. Total fees for marching band are $250.00 (plus needed student items remainder determined by needed items).


*This fee is only for those that already do not have the needed items for band.

Payment Options



Members of the marching band are expected to participate in regular season marching band activities plus special mini-camps, competitions, BOA events, parades, and all post-season football games.

Wind and percussion students must be enrolled in a 2020-2021 band class to be eligible to be a member of the NNHS Marching Band. A student who does not complete the spring semester concert band requirement will forfeit future participation in the marching band as well as no longer be eligible for any end of year awards. Guard members who are also wind/percussion students must remain in a band class to remain eligible to be in the color guard


Priority for drill assignments will be granted to those who are in good standing in regard to eligibility, musical preparedness, timely completion of the commitment form process and attendance at summer band activities.

Intent to March

Any student who has declared his/her intent to march but does not submit the online registration/commitment form and commitment fee of $50 by July 9 will not be guaranteed a drill spot and possibly not allowed to participate with the 2020 marching band. Exceptions to this must be requested in advance in writing and approved by the band directors.

With the NNHS marching band being an after school extra curricular activity and due to the fixed expenses associated with marching band, refunds will not be granted. Missing payment deadlines without prior approval of the band directors may result in students not being allowed to participate in marching band activities or trips.

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