Northern Nash Marching Band

Expectation Contract

Marching band is a co-curricular activity. Participation in the marching band requires all musicians to enroll in one of our concert band classes. The only exception to this policy is the color guard section. There must be a commitment from students who choose to be a part of the marching band to be present and on time to ALL rehearsals, performances and other related activities. This will necessitate planning ahead and may mean rearranging work schedules or other activities to fulfill your obligation to be committed to the marching band. Parents must ensure that students will be on time to band rehearsals, performances and related activities. Unlike sports teams, there is no way of substituting players who do not attend or do not perform up to standard, so it may be necessary for you to rearrange work schedules or other activities to fulfill your obligations to the band. Additionally, all fees paid are non-refundable.


I have received the schedule of activities for the year, and I make the commitment to attend all rehearsals and performances.


I am committed to being at all rehearsals fully prepared with my instrument in good working order, a black 3-ring binder with sheet protectors containing all sheet music and drill charts, dot books and appropriate clothing and shoes. I understand that failure to do so may result in suspension from the marching band for the next performance.


I understand that attendance at all rehearsals and performances is mandatory unless prior arrangements have been made with the band directors. The band directors may make individual exceptions based on specific circumstances. If a student misses a rehearsal he/she must make up the time and material that was covered in the rehearsal to be eligible to participate in the next performance. Students must fill out an absence form to be excused from a rehearsal or performance. The attendance policy is as follows:

Summer Rehearsals:

  • A maximum of 3 excused absences will be allowed for rehearsals
  • Season Rehearsals and Performances:
  • A maximum of 3 excused absences will be allowed for rehearsals
  • A maximum of 1 excused absence will be allowed for performances and competitions
  • 2 un-excused absences will result in removal from the marching band
  • 2 un-excused lateness will result in 1 un-excused absence.


Excused absences are: illness, death in the family, vacation or educational engagement (i.e. school related events) Un-excused absences are: work, homework etc.

One absence from rehearsal, excused or un-excused, may result in suspension from the marching band for the next performance due to missed instruction and material.

If my attendance or behavior jeopardizes the success of the group, the director has he right to withdraw me from the marching band.

Parent Contract

Student Support

I support the commitment that my child has made to the Northern Nash Marching Band. I understand that this includes a responsibility on my part to ensure that my son or daughter has transportation to and from each rehearsal and performance. I will also take an active part in the guidance of my child’s time management to guarantee that this commitment is fulfilled.

Financial Obligation

I have read and understand the Financial obligation required to be a part of the Marching Knights.

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