2020 Fall – 2021 Spring Band Program

Northern Nash Marching Knights

Thank you for your interest in participating in the 2020 Northern Nash Marching Knights! We have a very exciting fall ahead of us featuring many great opportunities to perform and continue our tradition of excellence.

Students are expected to be in good academic standing with regard to both grades and attendance in order to participate. Additionally, returning students must be in good financial standing from the previous season in order to participate. Please check your account and be sure your account is in good standing.

Our goal as a marching band is to provide a society for our students to belong to that encourages the highest standards of character, leadership, citizenship and musicianship. More than ten percent of the student body at Northern Nash is involved in the marching band, and each year we feel that we have the best students in our school participating.

Below includes information regarding the NNHS Marching Band member’s financial obligations and attendance requirements. These fees are necessary because the marching band is an extra-curricular activity that is not funded by our school system. This means that fundraisers are essential to assist in funding these activities.

Again, we are excited about your interest and participation in our marching band. We will make memories together this fall that will last a lifetime. Please contact Mr. Zary if you need assistance.

Funding the Band

Marching Band is not funded by our school system budget. This fee helps pay for show design, staff salaries, contest registrations, band camp meals, football meals, equipment truck fuel and expenses, as well as other administrative costs.

As always, we do not wish to exclude any deserving students due to financial hardship situations. More details concerning fee assistance is available in the financial commitment section.


The Northern Nash Band Program is largely funded through fundraising projects and organized by the Northern Nash Band Boosters. Throughout the year there are many opportunities for both students and parents to raise money for the band program as a whole and for the individual student credit accounts.

Attendance and Rehearsal Goals

Spring Rehearsals: Intro to marching band. Important forms submitted, parent meeting to answer questions. Students receive basic instruction in our marching and playing technique. Rehearsals may be missed due to vacation conflicts. Conflict sheet must be on file!

Pre and Post camp: Marching and playing fundamentals refined, introduction to competition music at pre-camp. Post-Camp reviews material learned at band camp. Rehearsals may be missed due to vacation conflicts. Conflict sheet must be on file!

Band Camp: Attendance required. This is the most crucial two-week period of our season. We learn the bulk of our fall material during this week. The better our camp goes, the more successful our fall will be.

Summer Schedule

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