Student accounts are established once a student becomes a member of the band program. Deposits of “credit” are made into the student accounts based upon their participation in certain fundraising events. The students may then use his or her available credit balance to help cover various band expenses by filling out a Credit Transfer form (provided in the band room). The student account is a great way to defray some or all of the cost of fees, trips, and other band expenses. Credits may only be used for band expenses, while a student is a member of the NNHS Band Program and money raised for this account will remain with the band once students are no longer members. Any unused balances can be willed to family members participating in the band program.

Payment Information

All checks for fees etc. should be made out to the Northern Nash Band Boosters. Checks should then be placed in a clearly labeled envelope and deposited in the drop box in the band office. If students wish to use their accrued Credit account to make a payment, a special Credit Transfer form is available in the band room. If using the credit transfer form, it should also clearly be labeled and placed in the box.


The Northern Nash Band Program is largely funded through fundraising projects organized by the Northern Nash Band Boosters. Throughout the year there are many opportunities for both students and parents to raise money for the band program as a whole, and for the individual student credit accounts. Details of fundraisers are covered in the parent handbook (attached) and are discussed in general band booster meetings.

Request for Student Fee Assistance

What Does Student Fee Assistance Mean? Families that review the marching band financial information, including fees and individual fundraising opportunities, and know that they will have a difficult time meeting the prescribed payment deadlines, fundraising, or paying the fees can request hardship assistance via filling out the form below. The Northern Nash Band Program desires to provide a way for every student to participate who agrees to follow the organizations rules and guidelines in the pursuit of student excellence. It is not our desire to turn students and families away that may be in need of financial assistance.

Via this confidential form between the band director(s) and the treasurers, we will work out an individualized plan to assist with your fulfillment of the 2018 payment obligations.


1) Partial Payment of Dues with the remaining unpaid funds delivered through service to the band via fundraisers, volunteering, community service, and other). This option is available for severe circumstances. Eligible students should qualify for reduced lunch payments or demonstrate severe extenuating circumstances.

2) Waivers and participation in a work-study, volunteering, and/or service to the band. This option is reserved for only the most extreme circumstances. Eligible students should qualify for FREE lunch Assistance or demonstrate severe extenuating circumstances.

3) Extended Payment Option allows for 6 payments, with the first beginning in June and the final payment being made in November.

It is our goal to provide every dedicated student the opportunity to participate in our program. Please feel free to contact Mr. Zary with questions.

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