Summer Schedule

July 10th and 12thTuesday/ThursdayPre-Camp 1
July 17th and 19thTuesday/ThursdayPre-Camp 2
July 23rd thru 26thMonday–ThursdayMarching Camp Week 1
July 30th thru August 2ndMonday–ThursdayMarching Camp Week 2
August 7th and 9thTuesday/ThursdayPost-Camp 1
August 14th and 16thTuesday/ThursdayPost-Camp 2
August 21st and 23rdTuesday/ThursdayPost-Camp 3

sheduling conflicts

Fill Out Conflict Sheet

This summer conflict sheet must be completed and turned in by Tuesday June 5, 2018. Mr. Zary will consider only summer conflicts stated by this date for excused absences. Only previously scheduled summer vacations and camps will be considered for excusal.

Contact Mr. Zary if you have any questions