2018 Volunteer

Volunteers are truly the backbone of the Marching Knights. Anyone who has ever volunteered with the Knights will tell you it is a highly rewarding experience.

When filling out the application be sure to indicate the areas you are interested in volunteering for.

Background Check

All non-school employees that volunteer at any school event must follow this procedure even if they had a background check before. If you have any questions regarding the process please contact Delisa Davis at 252-462-2532

Procedure to become a volunteer

Visit The Nash Rocky Mount Public School Voluteer Portal, or navigate to there from the main Nash Rocky Mount public school website:

  • www.nrms.k12.nc.us
  • Employment
  • Secure Volunteer Portal
  • I Want to Volunteer!

The process may take up to a week if you lived out of state. When approved you will get a badge in the mail from the background check company. This badge is good for two years.


Contact person for Chaperones:
Stephanie Grischow