Summer Schedule

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Contact Mr. Zary if you have any questions

Summer Conflict Sheet

Students with pre-planned summer vacations must submit this conflict sheet to Mr. Zary for consideration. Mr. Zary will consider only summer conflicts submitted by this date for excused absences.

Only previously scheduled summer vacations and camps will be considered for excusal.

Contact Mr. Zary at if you have any questions

Pre Camp – Reason for Absence
Pre Camp Rehearsals – Reason for Absense
Band Camp – July 27 - July 30 and Aug 3- 6

Both weeks (Monday thru Thursday) at NNHS from 8:00-6:00.

Band Camp is required for All Marching Band Members. This is the time the whole band develops fundamentals and learns the music and drill for the competition show. It is the most important activity in establishing a successful marching band in attitude and performance. There will be no camp on Friday, July 31 or Friday, August 7th.

Please be specific in regard to whether conflicts are partial conflicts or total conflicts:

Post Camp Rehearsals – Reason for Absence
Submit Conflicts
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