Bands & Ensembles

  • The following performing ensembles are available for every Northern Nash High School student.

  • All instrumentalists must be enrolled in our award-winning Concert Band Program to participate in any other ensembles.

  • The curriculum is a full year commitment.

Wind Ensemble

The symphonic wind ensemble is a concert organization devoted to the highest standards of musical performance. This ensemble is made up of the finest wind and percussion students at Northern Nash HS, performing advanced high school, collegiate, and professional literature. This ensemble has been selected to play at many prestigious regional and national festivals including the 2006 Bands of America National Concert Festival.

Symphonic Band

The symphonic band is the largest concert ensemble at Northern Nash High School. This ensemble is devoted to the advancement of musical fundamentals and developing the highest standards of musicianship of its members. This ensemble performs literature from the North Carolina Grade IV and V list.

Marching Band

The Marching Band is an auditioned, volunteer, extra-curricular activity. This ensemble provides a “society” and “family” to which all band students can belong. It is a place where they learn values and standards, where they can learn to depend on one another in their pursuit of excellence. They learn about responsibility, doing their fair share, and sticking to a common goal. They learn to value people, respect their peers, and not make judgments on the superficial. They frequently acquire a stronger base for their adult life than any other avenue open to them.

Percussion Ensemble

The ensemble is made up of all percussionists and pianists. They perform some of the finest percussion ensemble literature written. The members of this ensemble have the opportunity to explore numerous percussive instruments and various styles and techniques.

Music Theory

This class offers the serious music student the opportunity to learn about all aspects of Western Music, ranging from harmony, analysis, and composition. The concepts presented in this course are the inner workings of all music and serve to open up the musical intellect and aesthetic appreciation of this wonderful art form.


This course combines dance, drama, performance, and the manipulation of flags, sabers, and rifles into one magical artistry of pageantry. This is now one of the most popular activities for girls in the high school curriculum. This outstanding performing group is an intricate part of the marching band, which performs in the fall. In the spring, in addition to various dance recitals, these girls form a group called the Winter Guard, which performs in arenas in a presentation of pageantry theater incorporating a wide range of visual performance arts and choreography.